Financial Hub Hires Kualitatem for Salesforce Testing

Financial Hub Hires Kualitatem for Salesforce Testing

This case study covers how Kualitatem rendered Salesforce Testing Services to a financial hub in the Middle Eastern region that provides a platform to connect local markets with the world. It emphasizes on Kualitatem’s efforts and experience in providing independent QA services for managing the clients Salesforce deployed applications.

Project Summary:

The client hired Kualitatem to perform independent QA services, particularly Salesforce Testing for managing the Security Assessment of their web and mobile application.

The Challenges:

• Lacked dedicated QA testing team
• Loads of Customer complaints and repeated bug issues identified
• No cohesive QA testing process
• Lack of progress visibility to stakeholders

The Solution:

Kualitatem offered remediation guideline facility for all the identified vulnerabilities in the client’s software architectures. Seeing the need to have an effective testing and QA implementation, Kualitatem leverage a team of Salesforce testing experts and suggested an enhanced mechanism to execute systematic QA activities and provided. With our help, they were able to launch a bug-free application smoothly.

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