Why Unit Testing is Important?


Unit testing is a product testing strategy by which singular units of source code, sets of one or more PC systems modules along  with the related control information, methodology, and working techniques are tried and tested to figure out if they are fit to be used or not.

In other words, the unit tests check whether the software application is working fine and keeps on filling-in as the developer has proposed or planned.

There are numerous particular subjects, for example, Test Driven Development (TDD) and the red-green-refactor advancement technique; however, it has been observed that these techniques jumble up the reason that underlies unit testing.

Reasons to Write Unit Tests

Developers should be focused on unit testing before the deployment of product so that the testers can test builds on time. When developers do not pay attention to unit testing and hand over the build to the tester for testing, this situation produces lot of issues for tester.

Generally speaking, unit testing can be beneficial for you in the following aspects:

  • Unit testing can save your time as it can facilitate you to make huge and rapid changes for improvements in the code. You know that it works well for the code if you have run the unit tests properly. When you make any modifications in the code, you have to run the tests again to make sure that the behavior has not changed.
  • Unit testing improves manageability (skills of planning and execution of a particular project) in terms of visibility, reporting, control, correction, efficiency, speed, planning and customer satisfaction.
  • Unit testing helps you understand the design of the code you are working on. Instead of writing the code to do something, you start by outlining all the conditions you are subjecting the code to and the outputs which you expect from that.
  • Unit testing can help with code re-use. You can utilize both i.e. your code and your tests in your new project.
  • It reduces the bugs, facilitates accurate documentation procedure and also improves the design.


Unit testing is very important to learn if you want to develop complex software products. There could be lesser chances of occurring / producing of bugs. Therefore, the developers must be writing their own unit test scripts for each module and should be conducting testing before handing over to the QA team.