Your Testing Checklist Before Market Release

Testing checklist

QA engineers perform testing to release programs and applications that are immaculate. However, there are many types of testing, and often not all of them can be performed. Usually, companies outsource to software testing companies for good software testing services. This article will shed light on the most important types of testing that will help you release bug-free and perfect software.

Functional Testing

As the name implies, functional testing helps to check out the functionality of all the functions of the software decided in the requirements. Consider the example of Facebook. For every post, there is a like button and when it is pressed, the post should be liked. If something else happens, there’s some problem. And this problem must be resolved before release. A lot is expected from an app before release. For examples, an app must have responsive buttons, perform expected tasks, links that lead to the right pages, input forms that send information to the server, easily navigable drop-down menus and a seamless UI. An app must also have a “search” input form at the top of the page for easy navigation. There must be a good system of notifications of error pages and pop-ups must work and inform the user about the issue. Moreover, the app must contain a proper help mechanism in the case of a 404. The accessibility features must have speech recognition features and alt text for images.

Functional testing is of pivotal importance for any company. It helps increase customer loyalty. Features that don’t work drive customers away from the product once and for all.

UI/UX Testing

The appearance of a program matters a lot. The better the appearance, the more the friendliness of the program and the better its reception in the market by the users. Make your users happy with good UI. And for that, you need to perform UI/UX testing. When the tests are conducted successfully the app must have a sound UI and UX. A good app generally has a non-invasive UI which means that it does not have a cluster of a lot of graphical elements such as icons. Moreover, icons are placed neatly to enhance accessibility. A good UI comes with the added advantage of containing information that is up-to-date. The dates and text content must not be outdated. A good interface must be pleasing to look at and be able to facilitate using the customizable features of the program efficiently.

Security Testing

Conduct security testing to find out and deal with all the defects in your software. Ideally, conduct this test during the earlier phases for greater product efficiency. Conduct security testing to protect from security breaches and ensure that your encryption is up to the mark. Moreover, protect your program from malicious scripts that amateur hackers use. Thoroughly check HTML and JavaScript codes to fix all loopholes. You will also need to place a good firewall to block any unauthorized access to your servers.

Load testing

Load testing will help to see if your software can handle “loads”. If your software is going to cater to the needs of millions of people then load testing is a definite must. Load testing will help determine the factors that make your software crash and under loads. With load testing, you can easily single out these factors and address them effectively. When conducting load testing QA experts must check that web, application and database server components effectively process and respond to user queries. Moreover, QA expert must single out these issues and remediate the problems. QA experts must check the maximum operating capacity of the software and also overload the apps and trace the issues so that the software works without any problem.

Final Word

Responsible software companies strive for high-quality software products. They usually seek software testing services from reputable software testing companies. Testing is not a recommendation but a matter of life and death for companies these days. Make sure that you release perfect apps for amazing ROI on your products.