Why App Development Needs Performance Testing in Recent Times?

App Development Needs Performance Testing

With Easter holidays around the corner, retailers and eCommerce business owners are becoming more conscious about their apps’ performance. It is a time of the year when too many users are willing to shop especially during the sales season. Almost every business faces a situation when their inbox is flooded by queries and complaints as a reaction to apps failing to work as expected. Unfortunately, these incidents can affect a business gravely during such occasions, not only affecting their sales, yet also result in negative reviews on the app store. Thus, performance tests are necessary and have become an integral part of the software development life cycle. 

A study by Gartner states that by 2021 companies that will integrate performance engineering for app development will remain competitive. It will help them in improving customer satisfaction and business profits. 

Even if you own a startup business and do not have enough budget to set up your own testing team, you can hire services from a reliable performance testing company and implement them to see impressive results. Performance testing is crucial to earn customer satisfaction. However, if your app fails to fulfill customer expectations, they won’t hesitate to move to a competitor to acquire products and services. Thus, QA managers need to pay attention to the performance of their applications. When users find an application easy-to-use and user-friendly, it can earn you a 5-star review on your platform. So it is important to keep in mind that these ratings can amp up a brand’s reputation without the help of other marketing techniques. Performance testing is the key to success.

Imagine a scenario – You have built a new product, or application and released it to the market your team is analyzing some traffic and conversions but something is affecting your sales. Ever wondered the reason could be speed? In today’s digital era, customers have low tolerance and limited patience for slow apps, so you should ensure that you provide a fast and memorable experience to the customers. The performance of an application could affect the financial statement of a business. This is why as a business owner, or QA lead you to need to give importance to performance testing to make your apps successful in the market. 

An Enhanced Customer Experience

As famously known ‘customer is the king’, translates that organizations are here to serve them. What affects customers the most? And what does a company need to keep in mind when serving them digital products? 

According to research, Amazon estimated that a page load slowdown of one second could cost $1.6 billion in sales each year. 

Therefore, performance testing can have a significant impact on your sales when releasing new products. 

How Performance Testing can Help Your Apps Stand Out?

Performance testing is a software testing process that tests the response time, speed, stability, scalability, and reliability of an application under a specific workload. In other words, performance tests reveal how a system behaves and responds during various load conditions. An app may run very well with 1000 concurrent users, but how would it run with 10000? Thus, it aims at identifying and removing performance bottlenecks in the software app. Performance testing is as crucial as it is to develop a fully functional web or mobile app. 

Why Performance Tests can Make A Difference? 

Choosing a performance testing company is a tricky job for a business owner but it can make a huge difference and help companies earn 5-star ratings for their apps.

Mobile Apps face Network Issues

Typically, mobile apps are found with more errors than all that is reported. They face network issues mainly when the server is crowded. If an app is run on an unreliable network, it can become more difficult. Most apps may face the following problems in such situations:

  • Frequent timeouts
  • Fail to upload
  • Booking or checkout errors
  • Broken files or issues with file downloads
  • Freezing 

Speed changes due to Location 

Another common reason why a performance testing company should focus on the performance of its apps is that the speed of an app is subject to change as per the location. It is important to make an app region-wise and perform a performance test on it. Some countries use 3G connections, some have 4G technology, whereas a few are still using 2G connections. Thus, performance testing is vital to ensure if users can use the app or if they are facing network issues in their area. QA teams should also perform internal testing should be carried out to test the performance apps with varying speed and networks. 

Poor User Experience 

Another major reason behind reason for frustrated customers is the poor user experience that has a direct impact on revenues. The majority of users decide to immediately quit an application once they face a glitch or performance issue. 

Performance Bottlenecks

Suppose if an app provides outstanding performance to 1000 users, it should behave well when users increase to 8000. Performance testing identifies bugs and addresses performance issues like inappropriate physical behavior, the quality of work, resistance to change, etc. Testers should not only focus on improving the features and functionality of a software app but also help if you give priority to an app’s performance. 

Simply put, performance testing helps improve those areas of an app that need to be looked for before releasing it to the market. Businesses suffer huge losses in absence of performance testing. Your app can face issues such as poor stability, inconsistencies in different OS, slow operations while concurrents users use it simultaneously. An app that is released without a performance test can result in a negative reputation and does not help in achieving the business goals. Modern QA teams use different performance testing tools to amp up their testing efforts and to provide their customers with an unforgettable user experience.