From Info Sec to Cloud Security: The Spectrum of Online Security Services

info sec services

With cyber security attacks becoming more and more common these days, protecting your digital assets through online security services is more important than ever. Automation and AI have made it much easier to hack into your system, and they are no longer just targeting your hard drive with viruses.

This is why you need to choose the appropriate cyber security services, as they will keep your security risk as low as possible. The spectrum for these services is broad, but below are the most important ones:

Info Sec Services

Information security (or simply said, info sec) covers the protection of your digital assets, such as the data that you may have stored in your files or database. This data can be anything from your client’s emails, their personal and financial information, or your plans for the business.

Info Sec services can prevent unauthorized people from gaining access and destroying or disclosing your data. Once the security operations center (SOC) implements this, it may bring a lot of encryption, recovery plans, or access control mechanisms.

Application Security Services

Application security involves a series of steps used to protect an app or program from an attack. This can include test cases of the code where vulnerabilities are identified, secure authentication, and regular updates. During the software development stage, secure coding practices should also be used to ensure there are no flaws in the security system.

Network Security Services

Network security involves a series of data protection services that aim to protect your computer network from intrusion. Methods such as firewalls, prevention systems, VPNs, and other threat detection services can help prevent attacks or unauthorized access to the network infrastructure.

This type of security can help protect everything within your network, including routers, servers, switches, and connected devices.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Services

Many security breaches happen because unauthorized people manage to enter an account that is not theirs. This is why managed security services put a lot of focus on IAM. This method involves managing user identities, and controlling who can or cannot enter a specific server or account.

Plenty of measures may be used to ensure security such as role-based access, biometrics, strong password implementation, and multi-factor authentication. Should anyone trigger any warning signals, they won’t be able to enter unless they offer definite proof it’s them.

Cloud Security Services

Cloud services are more and more common these days, as people prefer to synchronize their data across different platforms. That being said, unless reliable security risk management services are used, cloud platforms are easier to attack compared to hard drives.

This is why this service involves using a lot of encryption, IAM controls, VPNs, and regular security audits. Network segmentation is also frequently used to prevent potential threats.

The Bottom Line

The digital realm can be a lot safer, provided the right cyber security service is used. You can employ multiple methods at a time, as their mixture adds extra layers of safety to your data. The more walls you set around your digital assets, the more difficult it becomes for hackers to get in. That is why you must invest in online security services to protect your data.