What DevOps Trends To Watch For In 2018

DevOps trends to watch in 2018

It came, it saw and it conquered! Saying that for DevOps won’t be wrong.

2017 saw the adoption of DevOps as among the most prominent trends in software development and testing. Enterprises keenly observed and gained multiple benefits by implementing DevOps in their work processes to accomplish their needs of faster time-to-market and robust software quality. Hail to Digital Transformation, it has massively transformed – rather redefined – the way technologists and organizations are developing and testing applications.

DevOps is the new buzzword in the QA & software testing market. Despite the hype it surrounds, DevOps is essentially about developing a culture of collaborative tasks that brings together people and processes to facilitate quicker execution, continuous deployment, and recurrent product releases. And, when implemented intelligently, it can help you attain tangible benefits in terms of ROI.

Since, today’s more advanced applications require real-time updates and speedy solutions, DevOps testing approach makes it possible for teams to make sure that Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, as well as Continuous Deliverables, are being achieved. It lays out a more integrated methodology towards testing the apps, where you can break down an application in segments for easier and individual testing. It offers a surefire way to make the process more consistent and trustworthy.

According to a 2016 State of DevOps Report, companies that have already implemented Agile and DevOps practices have higher performance ratio compared to those who haven’t and can capably devote 29% more time working on new projects and introducing new features or codes. Not just that, they are able to set up 200 times more rapidly, 2555 times faster lead times, 24 times speedier recovery, and have three times lesser failures rates. It is an established fact that higher the performance, the greater your chances are for improved business outcomes in terms of productivity, profitability, as well as market share.

This year’s report, suggests that the beneficial effects of DevOps go beyond simply financial results. All organizations, be it profit or non-profit, can competently achieve their goals, regardless of their mission or business objective.

The year 2018 will be the year of strong trends and advanced roadmap, particularly for DevOps. The key trends in DevOps Testing that you will witness in 2018 are:

DevOps as a Cultural Swing

DevOps, seeing how it has progressed over time, develops even further when enterprises embrace it as an organizational culture. As follows, organizations that desire to walk along the DevOps journey will have to deploy it within their overall operational processes – not just a single project or task.

Development and Testing in Chorus

The responsibility to make sure that quality remains uncompromised is shared within the teams working together. In the same fashion, testing and development will also need to run side by side. Enterprises not just build, but test their products synchronously. This way, the perception of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) will prosper further within the DevOps situation.

With Continuous Testing, Continuous Delivery will Increase

Stating a fact, Continuous Deployment in DevOps is what makes it outstanding compared to the other practices. For that, Continuous Testing, as well as Delivery, is a must. With an increasing demand for this continuous process, this will automatically reduce the time to deliver and wipe out defects significantly.

DevOps Continuous work model will enable enterprises to embrace the digital experience and concentrate more on improvement and innovation in view of sustaining quality metrics.

Up on the Cloud…9!

Cloud has lifted the entire software development and testing process towards enhancement. With cloud computing, you can test as well as access application data at any time, anywhere on the fly. As a matter of fact, calling Cloud an ‘enabler’ for effective implementation of DevOps practices would do justice, since it will strengthen and augment the continuous development, along with testing processes.

Using DevOps Tools

The need for DevOps tools is growing with an increased demand for its deployment. Each DevOps tool offers distinct features and highlights diverging capabilities to benefit from. Tools like Jenkins, Dockers, Ganglia, Nagios, and AWS are being leveraged by teams for building, delivering and testing their applications. However, the market will see a boom in DevOps tools integrations for generating more focused results in lesser time.

As forecasted, DevOps will continue to enhance and develop, driving organizations to implement tools for easier accessibility and quick visibility. The continuous testing and delivery will help to further work on improving the processes, allowing DevOps to mature as a persistent practice in all enterprises.

Quoting the words of CTO and Vice President of Amazon, Werner Vogels about DevOps, “You build it, you run it”. That says a lot about DevOps giving you the power to build, test, and play as per your rules and still stay competitive and up in the game.

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