Why your App is Not Going “Viral”?

APP Information Security

We all live in a techno-centric world and as we move forward, we see more and more exciting gadgets coming our way with some amusing and fascinating kinds of features. From Google’s latest tech toy Google Glass to Samsung’s gear watch, world is definitely entering into the new era of devices. Similarly, if we take a look at a current scenario, we see the app stores flooded with bundle of apps in different categories and a lot of companies still working on apps based on “amazing” ideas. However, many apps based on amazing ideas fail to make an impact and couldn’t attract as much of the audience. Of course, there are technical as well as marketing aspects that you have to look, for an app to perform well in the market.

Let’s start with the big idea. Suppose you have an amazing idea in your head and you believe app based on this idea will rock the apps stores. So, you get started. You developed the app and uploaded it on the different online stores. You also tell your peers and pals and everyone around you to go to the apps stores and download this app. You also got few good reviews and ratings on these app stores. It means your idea is good and it has attracted some people. Now, what’s next? Certainly, you will be planning to do some media buying for the purpose of advertising. But before you do that you need to make sure the quality of your app (product) as now you’re going to target a much bigger chunk of audience via media buying.

With media buying that you have done, your app is ready to make the first impression. Good first impression will lead to a good reputation and this will certainly help you to earn a good word of mouth. Good word of mouth works like a free media and this is how you create a good image among the masses. With so much social media platforms influence and importance in today’s digital world, good word of mouth significance has increased manifold. It can earn you millions of shares and retweets on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and this is how your app can create a viral. This is how your app can create a “buzz” on blogs and forums. This is how your app can create a trend on twitter. This is how more people will talk about it on Facebook. On the other side, if you fail to make a good impression, all efforts and all your hard work will certainly go in vain.

Let me make it crystal clear by giving you an example.

Flappy bird owner, Dong Nguyen, successfully earned $50,000 a day with a game that he developed. It revolves around a birdie life and allows the user to tap and save the birdie from touching the ground and hitting the pillars. The app made a fearsome run on the app stores and managed 10,000+ downloads in the first week. To be honest, the big idea behind the app wasn’t so much out of the box thing, it was a simple idea but executed brilliantly. The app has no bug and blemishes and doesn’t irritate the user while using the application. The app doesn’t consume much of the system memory and uses minimal resources. So, the quality aspects of the app were well tested before rolling it out in the market.

Wrapping up:

The big idea of the app is of course very important, but the cliché that “the more creative the idea will be, the more it will go viral” has little to do with the reality. The idea has its significance, but in the end, it is the product quality that matters. People will definitely buy or download your app based on some creative idea, but without quality, it wouldn’t be able to stay more in the user’s device. People spend a lot of time in idea innovation, creativity and developing something out of the box, but they spend little on the product quality, which is the main determinant and the key factor in influencing the user buying decisions. To go viral and to conquer the world of social and digital media, it is not all about the big idea; it is also about the product quality.