Five Criminal Mistakes that Developers should Avoid!


Developers are immensely important and useful individuals in IT world and their main job is to code according to client’s requirements. Instead of getting lethargic, sloppy, and committing mistakes in the code, it is expected from the developers to think and act smartly and follow the best coding practices in order to avoid chaos and disorder later in the project. Best coding practices also make it easy to fix the bugs and glitches, spotted by the QA team.

Below is the list of forbidden mistakes that developers love to commit, the “don’ts” of the programming world.

Don’t: Duplicate Code:-

Ah! That’s a real pleasure. Just copy the line of code and paste it on the required places and you’re done. That saves a lot of time too, but let me tell you. It’s a malpractice and it means inviting all sorts of trouble on your doorstep, particularly when you need to debug the app. Copy, pasting the same code without taking care about the variables, functions can severely cost you later in the project. The good practice is to always write the code and avoid copy, paste. However, if you really want to copy it, review and make sure you are copying the right function, variable and make necessary modifications if required, at the time of copying.

Don’t: Make Large Classes:-

Don’t try to do too much with a class. You may end up mixing the different nature of objects with in a single class. To avoid this, what you need is to create sub classes, to make the things simpler and easier for you.

Don’t: Use Long Methods:-

Stop using the long methods. Being a programmer, it is difficult to maintain and rectify the bugs in the lengthy functions, methods and procedures. Breaking the code into the smaller functional units is a good practice, rather scrolling up and down and making your fingers tired and mind stuck into a particular function or method. Therefore, it is a good to break a code into smaller functional units.

Don’t: Make Data Clumps:-

Data Clumps, sounds familiar? Data clumps are the data items, more appropriately look like children and they hang around in groups together. The data items can be found in different places. A good practice is to avoid data clumps and look for the fields, where these clumps appear and use class on the field to convert them into an object.

Don’t: Conduct Shotgun Surgery:-

Surgery is always damaging. Try to avoid performing unnecessary shotgun surgery. It makes the maintenance complex, risky and time consuming. If you need to achieve a change in the functionality of your app and it requires changing different sections of the code base, then you need to clean the things and put the affected code together.

Do: Test the code:-

After letting you know about, all the don’ts that the developers should avoid, allow me to brief you about a “do” that developers must do! Always make sure to test your code in the real world conditions. Never deliver the project to the client, without properly testing it, no matter, how good developer you are and how many don’ts you avoid. Testing is a part of development life cycle and test engineers are skilled enough to conduct it.