Unbox Joy & Happiness for Yourself This Boxing Day

This Boxing Day
  • December 26, 2019
  • HibaSulaiman

Boxing day is here, a day that is filled with joyous activities, get-togethers, feasts, and big sales because you don’t want the Christmas feels to go just yet. In fact, it’s nowhere near the end of the holidays so you’ve got plenty of reasons to be excited about. For testers, holidays are a blessing. Working week in, week out, days and sometimes nights, we are constantly under the pressure of delivering and meeting the deadlines. Since there’s a lot at stake, we’re expected to do our work with perfection in a very limited time. After a year of hard work that often goes underappreciated, we earn these holidays to relax and get our minds off work.

Regain Your Energy

These holidays often prove to be a great motivation-booster. Enjoying this colorful festive season with your loved ones freshens you up. Because it’s necessary. It’s a relatable situation for us testers when we get the bugs fixed and reports ready before the boss even asks for it. This enthusiasm is commendable but it’s impossible to sustain for very long. You’ll have to take a break. These holidays give us this opportunity to get back to 100%.

Give Back to the Society

Depending on where you are, boxing day is a great day for shopping and sports. Brands offer huge sales on consumer items and major sporting fixtures of NBA, Premier League, etc. are scheduled for the boxing day. So, there are a lot of options if you are not going on vacation. But don’t forget to share your happiness with those who are in need. You don’t have to do extraordinary to help something. You can donate food to food banks, contribute to animal shelters, donate to non-profit organizations, etc. There are many ways to give back to society.

Don’t Forget Your Team

These holidays also give us the opportunity of team building which we usually don’t have in our busy routines. Start by sending everyone in your team good wishes and a small present if you can. Plan out a dinner, hang-out, and have fun with your team members for a day. It’s because your relationship with them outside of work reflects in your office work. Testing, especially, is a collaborative process and teamwork is an integral part of it. The more you understand each other, the better it is for the work and work environment.

With that being said, work should be the last thing you should think of during these holidays. Because work never ends. You’ll get back to it eventually. So, leave your work at the office and enjoy this holiday season to the fullest.

From All of us at Team Kualitatem, We Wish You a Very Happy and a Fun-Filled Boxing Day!