Challenges in Testing the Banking Application

Bank Application
  • January 16, 2015
  • Kualitatem

Banking Application is considered to be most advanced, complex and complicated enterprise solution. From development and testing point of view there are many challenges. In this article I will highlight some of the key issues and challenges in testing the Banking Application:

  1. First and the most important point is to check whether the said system follows the desired policies and procedures of the Organization or not. In short we can say that the testing of regulatory compliance.
  2. The person/team who is involved in testing of Financial Applications especially banking application must have enough domain knowledge in order to test the particular module. For example in case of testing of Term Deposits it is necessary that particular tester must know what is Term Deposit, interest rate, maturity date, booking date, frequency, tenure, pre-maturity, rollover etc.
  3. The most important issue is that during the testing particular user can have access to Customer’s confidential information which includes contact info, balance info and all other products which he/she is availing from the particular bank. So data confidentiality is the major concern and proper tracking and monitoring should be in place.
  4. As banking application is integrated with other application as well which includes internet banking, mobile banking, ATM interfaces etc. In this case scope of testing will be increased and also the time-lines.
  5. Sometimes there may be the cases where test-environment is not updated. In that case particular tester cannot have access to most recent data.
  6. As banking application is being accessed by numerous users at the same time and also the different types of transactions are being carried out simultaneously. So the load, stress and performance testing should be done in such a way that ensures that all the tasks are running smoothly which includes normal transactions, online- transactions, database replication etc.
  7. There may be the cases where requirements are not properly documented which results in functional gaps in test plan. In most of the cases QA team is not involved in the requirement gathering phase and due to this requirements are not properly cleared.
  8. Network testing and the security on network is the major challenge in banking application because Customer needs quality service.
  9. Those companies who are using vendor based system needs to upgrade their system as the new version came in the market which contains new features and enhanced functionalities as compared to the older version. For example, in Pakistan JS bank and Bank Alfalah Ltd. are currently working on upgrading the Core Banking System which carries many technical and functional modifications. For this purpose detailed testing will be carried out in order to upgrade the system.
  10. During the migration phase from old system to new system following challenges will be faced during Testing:
    • Customization of the system w.r.t Banks requirements which includes gaps identification in products and processes
    • Testing of all the routines, procedures and plans which will be used in migration
    • Testing of migration process. How the data will be fetched, uploaded and transferred to the new system
    • Testing the data after migration and ensures its validation and verification
    • Testing the legacy system with the new system because during migration both system will run in parallel

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