Why Should You Choose RPA Over Automation?

Why to go for RPA in presence of Automation

Cybersecurity has become one of the most discussed topics in the computer science industry. Believe it or not, a lot of research is going on in this industry to make the defense systems even better as cybercriminals are coming up with new sorts of attacks. We have recently seen how every security testing company started shifting from manual testing and manual processes to automation. Almost all of the testing activities were upgraded and transferred to the automation level. Not only did it made the processes simpler and easier, but it also saved a lot of cost and time as well.

Well, we are all very much aware of the wonders Automation and AI has done in the field of software testing. Experts say that there are still some new wonders lined up to make processes even easier for testers and developers. While the world was busy investing in automation and artificial intelligence involved in the software testing process, new and better technology was under was taking a toll. 

We all know it as RPA or Robotic Process Automation. While a lot of people like to argue it is not a new technology, but an extended branch of automation, there is no denying the benefits it has to offer. If you are not much aware of it, it is alright, for it emerged only sometime back. We have gathered a lot of details about Robotic Process Automation you would like to know.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation refers to the new technological testing solution that involves artificial intelligence and machine learning to make the process of software testing better. Some people like to define it as a new technological application keeping in mind structured inputs and business logic meant to automate business processes. With the help of this comparatively new technology, a lot of companies have configured their softwares or systems to interpret and capture bugs, errors, suspicious transactions, triggering responses, and communicate them with the team responsible to cover these issues.

The application of RPA can be as simple as generating an easy and good automatic response to an email or it can be the deployment of thousands of bots programmed to automate different jobs in an ERP system. A lot of industries have started accepting RPA with open arms and have started using it in their daily work-process as well. No doubt, RPA has great learning capabilities that enable it to handle high-volume without any issue, perform tasks in loops, and give better results. Also, RPA technology has observed to be really good at mimicking a human worker in almost every task.

However, when it comes to the software testing industry, every security testing company still thinks twice before deploying this technology at their office. Why is that so? Is it because this technology is not very trustworthy, is costly or people are not aware of its benefits?

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

In the majority of the cases, software testing companies are not well-aware of the benefits of RPA solutions so they are afraid to try them. Where some of the companies have tried services of RPA and believe it to be a much better solution than just simple automation, we know you have your doubts. That is why we have brought you some of the many famous advantages RPA has to offer.

Less Staffing Cost

Since RPA is known to mimic human testers in the best way possible, it can a lot of their tasks. Where you need to have a team of 5 people to work on a project, with robotic process automation, you can reduce the team to only 2 people and let RPA handle the rest of the tasks. Also, as RPA can perform tasks at a much faster speed, you can get lots of work done in a short time.

No Mistakes Expected

With humans, there is always room for mistake and it does not only make you feel less certain of your services but you have to spend extra time rechecking the project just to ensure it is working fine. This increases time and effort while mistakes keep happening. RPA can do the same tasks in a huge number of loops without even making a single mistake so you can be sure of your results and do not have to spend a lot of time too.

Low Cost

We have discussed the way RPA reduces the cost of having humans do your work but do you know it saves cost in other ways too? Well, having a bot by your side is less costly as you can use it for multiple projects while having to pay just one-time cost. Moreover, it does not get tired or bored so it can keep on working for you as long as you want.

Cognitive Technologies

There are tasks that need cognitive abilities and a lot of companies believe it can only be offered by humans. Well, there was a time when only humans can provide cognitive services but all thanks to robotic process automation, even bots are designed to have these abilities. You can have bots perform machine learning to make difficult decisions, speech recognition for speech-related projects and natural language processing to automate high-level tasks. These are just a few examples but the market has, even more, waiting for you to discover.

Better Services

A lot of companies are using RPA bots to automate their business processes and even to handle their customers. To our surprise, these bots are doing much better than even the most professional humans. This is because they are designed to give automated responses or intelligent responses and not get distracted by other things like humans mostly do. Moreover, with most of the pressure removed from employees, they have seen to perform even better. So whether your security testing company decides to have a bot work on the whole project or places it side by side with you, be sure the end results are going to be flawless and just as you want.

Why Should You Choose RPA Over Automation