In this era of variance, business parameters, laws and regulations are changing rapidly. With change rises the need for control through the rapid adoption of standards (ex: ISO, ITIL, COBIT, etc.) to enable the organization in managing the effect of change on its outcomes.

AuditBase® is focused on controlling the challenges of standards certification, standards maintenance and standards re-use in any type of organization. AuditBase® provides a set of tools that are easy to use, to enable the internal controls management department to effectively and seamlessly manage their day to day job while achieving outstanding results.

AuditBase® enables all stakeholders in the organization to manage the adopted standard, collaborate in getting the standard adoption and share information easily and transparently with a single click.


  • Identify, manage, monitor, and analyze adoption across the enterprise in a single integrated solution.
  • Analyze impact and risks of change prior to execution.
  • Enables management of the internal control environment through a unified repository and automated workflows.
  • Leverage compliance data to prioritize investments across the organization.
  • Understand compliance in the context of business services, processes, organizational units, and systems.
  • Empower decision-makers with fully scalable interactive reporting, and decision support system.
  • Achieve cost reductions and elevated quality with continuous updates to the central enterprise planning repository.
  • Ensure timely and secure distribution of information to the organization ensuring people buy-in due to ease of access.
  • Promotion of globally-accepted good practices in a non-prescriptive manner, giving the organization the latitude to adopt and improve relevant controls that suite their specific circumstances and to maintain them in the face of internal and external changes.
  • Enables the organization to adopt gradually per department with ability to integrate the different instanced to fully manage the control environment.


  • Ease the internal audit burden on the organization to achieve compliance faster and cost effectively.
  • Managing multiple Implementation of Multiple standards at the same time.
  • Re-use of assets from older successful audits or between active audits to enhance collaboration and unify assets.
  • Tracking the organization progress and alignment to the adopted standards.
  • Continued control over updates on artifacts used in an audit through change management.
  • Proper and secure information dissemination inside and outside the organization.
  • Better insight through business intelligence.
  • Short Implementation time frame and Learning curve.
  • Pre-loaded artifacts and templates, shortening the time to market.
  • Ability to add virtually any standard through the online support template generators.
  • Automatic updates for active standards used by the system.
  • Ability to document and import your artifacts through an intuitive user-interface.
  • Automatic notifications and Email integration.
  • Availability for SaaS or onsite delivery models.
  • Granular Version control for full audits down to single assets.
  • Let your employees work the way they want with ability to import MS-Word, MS-Excel, and Visio with Meta Data sync (for the imported files).
  • Web-Based platform for small footprint.
  • Continuous Validation capability to dramatically cuts the time, pain, and cost involved in validation.

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