Case Studies

  1. Risk Assessment Of Physical Infrastructure

    This case study highlights the security audit on a physical infrastructure to find weaknesses in their access control mechanism. The focus of the audit was on small ignores leading to big disasters.

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  2. Auditing A Wirelss Network For Vulnerability Assessments

    This case study talks about the latest security threats and vulnerabilities in a wireless network. The client requested an independent audit to penetrate their wireless network and report for vulnerabilities like unauthorized access points.

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  3. Testing A Gis Application: Challenges And Perspectives

    This case study points out on the challenges of covering a broad domain and testing a Geographical Information System. Kualitatem team documented the business rules to establish a baseline for Load testing, Functional testing and Usability

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  4. Testing A Customer Relationship Management Application -End To End

    This case study highlights the Kualitatem experience of analyzing and testing a CRM application for performance, user role, cross browser and security based on OWASP standards.

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  5. Testing Web Apps Over Multiple Platforms

    The case study highlights the importance of cross platform testing of a web application before release. It describes how a test plan should include multiple operating systems, browsers and browser versions to ensure user access coverage.

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  1. Kualitatem Services Portfolio Overview

    Kualitatem Services Portfolio Overview

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  2. Automation Testing Services

    Automation testing services brouchre

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