Case Studies

  1. Testing Mobile Apps

    Project Summary : Kualitatem was the proud testing partner for a consumer software service. The product enables its users to make free or cheap global calls with text, chat, fax, file sharing and more.

    Challenge :

    -Testing the prouct across multiple iOS devices

    -Testing the product with multiple network settings and internet speeds

    Our solution :

    -We devised a 360 degree mobile testing solution which encompassed functional, UI,cross platform and cross device testing

    -To ensure smooth functioning of the app adaptablity testing was also conducted to check for app behaviour across varying network and internet bandwidths

    Kualitatem enabled the team to deliver a complete, sophisticatedand unified communication solution which delivered excellent service value to its end users.

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  2. Testing Mobile Apps for waseel

    Project Summary: Our client is Waseel, UAE; an organization which aims to establish Internet based connectivity, information services, and B2B e-commerce capabilities for the healthcare insurance market. Kualitatem was engaged to test Waseel’s mobile app on android and ios platform


    Selecting the android devices that provide best test coverage
    Testing of complex business flows


    -Kualitatem worked with the client team to devise a test strategy and test plan in order to ensure that the process remains traceable and measureable.

    Read the case study to learn how the health care based app was tested across android and ios.

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  3. Product Usability Testing

    Project Summary: The product under test was desktop based accounting system. The focus of the client, by conducting the usability testing, was to measure a desktop product’s capacity to meet its intended purpose and to make potential changes. The aim was to see how user friendly the product is by observing people at different stages of application usage.

    Challenge :

    -User selection and recruitment for usability test

    -Anysing the usability scorecard

    Our solution :

    -Kualitatem selected the right mix of users and then put the product through a real test. Results were gathered, scorecard was prepared and a detailed report was shared with the client.

    Read how the thorough analysis gathered through these users helped our end client to launch an improved product for their market

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  4. Testing Web Application Across Multiple Platforms

    Project Summary The application under test was a website containing news, celebrities, videos, images and other media based content. The client’s primary concern was the compliance of the website code to W3C standards in order to ensure a consistent behavior across browsers.


    -This application posed multiple challenges to the team in the form of a short time frame, Arabic language content and a range of concepts to be absorbed for performing W3C compliance testing.


    -Our team designed a code optimization checklist based on W3C standards. The checklist was also included standards for Browser Compatibility Testing to find and report the issues. Timely reports were generated for the client, which proved to be very helpful in speeding up their bug fixing process.

    Read the case study to see how we helped the client to create a W3C compliant app

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  5. Testing Media Mashups

    Project Summary: Kualitatem was the proud tester partner of a “Sound with Power” campaign for one of the major luxury car producers in the world. We worked in collaboration with our media agency partner which excels in creating meaningful user experiences to put creativity back in the audience’s hands.


    -Testing of sound and video mashup to ensure that the application responds as desired


    A tree based testing approach was devised to ensure that all possible audio and video mash up paths are covered

    See how smoothly Kualitatem sailed through a challenging testing job and delivered a thorough solution

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