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Business Model

Kualitatem Engagement Model

Kualitatem’s Client Engagement Models At Kualitatem we have successfully tested and defined models of engagement with Clients for their testing needs.

Independent Test Team

You can hire specialized test engineers as your independent testing team to validate the achievements of your in house team. In such scenarios, we run a mutually agreed methodology to validate the quality of applications developed and tested by your in house team. Independent test environment and team are known to be tried and tested value addition to the entire application quality and Kualitatem ensures it all.

Augmented Test Team

You can add additional test resources to your team to support immediate workload in testing and quality assurance. Our skilled test engineers have the capability to adapt quickly to client’s test environment and processes. Taking minimum integration time, we can start supporting you with your testing activities in times of additional workloads. In this model, there can be full time engagements as well as need based integration. Client makes the choice.

Third Party Validation Partners

There have been several scenarios where we have worked in a trio i.e. Client, Development Partners and Kualitatem. Cleint engages a development partner to build an application according to the requirements. Kualitatem has been hired as independent verification partners to ensure the quality and verify delivery according to the requirements.

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