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Client calling QA: Can we get the QA results yesterday?

Kualitatem being an independent verification and validation platform has to offer all there is in testing & QA; be it code reviews, IT auditing, security testing or software performance testing. We cater to clients’ needs from a wide range of industry sectors such as e-commerce, medical, education, retail, banking and many more. This adds to the already complex service offering equation!

And then there is a time; somehow or the other the client never has much time for QA! ‘Can we get the results for QA yesterday?’….. I know this is grammatically and logically a wrong sentence but someone still needs to tell that to my sales team about it!

While we are trying to educate our client on how crucial QA is, there are times when we do have to deliver within really tight deadlines. Being able to meet such deadlines requires some variables which should help stabilize speed and high quality defect reporting.

Hire, Train and Retain the right People: Skilled testers are the most valued asset of any QA organization. Same goes for us. We follow the philosophy of hire, train and retain the right people for testing.  Once you have trained the testers who are able to work across multiple projects and testing types; half the job is done!

-  Test the Testing Tools: Yes testing tools also need to be tested. There are gazillions of them available; freeware and licensed and the not so licensed ones ;). But they all need to be tested to be able to ensure that they can add some value to the testing lifecycle; and they can make a tester’s job easier.

Maintaining the right Test Environment: We often come across with enterprise level clients who want their web apps to be tested on IE6 or IE7. Chaos… utter chaos in the team; all the machines have been upgraded to IE9; there is no VM for IE6; we thought the world would end of 21st so there would be no IE anyways! But now we have to test on the 22nd? No this does not happen at Kualitatem! We have a complete set of commonly used browsers, operating systems and mobile devices readily available for testing which obviously helps us in cutting down the time for delivering the test results!

-  Short and Sweet Defect Report: We have an elaborate template  for defect reporting for planned and smooth sailing projects;  but for quick defect reporting we have the flexibility of cutting down on the template and providing outputs on only crucial fields. If the developer doesn’t want severity, priority, minority or dorothy in the report we keep it to ourselves!

Working with the Globe: When he hire the right people we also tell them that working with different time zones is part of the job and these guys willingly accept and abide by this job responsibility. So we work across EST, CST, PST, UMT and a lot of other UMT variations.

So, next time when you are looking for some quick turnaround on testing jobs, Kualitatem is the place to be!

About the Author: Sadia Malik heads the Project Management at Kualitatem. She manages people, projects and lots of bugs !

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